¬†Our mission is to accelerate the transition of books to audio books… thru the wizardry of AI assisted narrator voice cloning.

Why Us?

Because we use the coolest AI driven voice cloning available with some nice, understandable tools to guide you in the process.

Ok, it is true, you can pay people to narrate you books. Or, you can read it yourself. And, I’m sure you would get exactly what you imagine, after some effort. So, if you think that is right for you…go for it, we totally support and admire those qualities.

In other cases, if you could speed up the process, and manage tweaking and such more easily, maybe that is the right choice.

For the second case, we are here to help.

And, yes, we have a long and personal story that drives us to make this possible…maybe another time we’ll get into that. But, for now, give our efforts a try…we will truly work to make it valuable to you.

Our Team

Well, we don’t have a very big team yet. Rather than bore you with the details, we’ll provide you with an imaginary team member, and fill this section as circumstances warrent…please stand by, but no sense holding your breath.


AI Software Engineer